Itinerary Series: All you need to know explained!

One request I get all the time is to see what I actually do when I am on vacation. Like the things I see, the places I stay, restaurants I go to etc..  As always, I blog after the trip, but mostly I just attach my favorite pictures, recap how I like it, and do a little overview of what I did. BUT I thought adding an “Itinerary Series” to my travel section on the blog would be perfect.

The “Itinerary” will come out before the trip recap does, so that way when the trip recap blog comes out you can pull up both and watch the pictures come to life!

This will be a ROUGH draft look at what I am doing during trip. Most times when I travel I don’t plan things, because I want to fully be in the moment and just go with the flow. However for the big trips a lot of things need to be planned, so for the major ones and some little trips I will blog out an itinerary!

For my visual people here’s a simple example of what it would be:

Itinerary Series: Location

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

And continued however many days the trip was! There will be details with of each day listed below in bullet point form, most likely. That way it is easy to read and clear!

The Itinerary Series will be an ongoing series as long as I am traveling, and will be perfect for those of you planning trips to someplace that I might have already gone! Keep in mind, my plans always change so these will be rough drafts, and I am starting out by NOT doing every trip, but the bigger ones that need more planning. As always I will post more “in-time” travel on my instagram feed and stories, so be sure to check that out! After the itinerary comes out will be my trip recap like I have always done in past blogs.

I can’t wait to start doing these, and I hope you all are excited for it! If you have any questions or comments, comment on this post or DM me on Instagram

Below are just a few past trip recaps just in case you are new here or haven’t read them yet!:)

Asheville, North Carolina

Puerto Rico Mission Trip 2019

Seattle, Washington 2019



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