How-to Create a Dream Travel Board

While the world is in a state of unknown, and many people are not getting to do the traveling that they wish they could I have created my own dream travel board of all the places I wish to see in the near future!

And here’s how you can do it too…

Steps to creating your own travel board:

Materials Needed:

  • scissors
  • glue or tape
  • magazines (travel, city, or nature ones would help – depending on what you like)
  • poster board (or tape pieces of printer paper together!)

**Before we begin, think of your end goal! Do you want your travel board to come out as one of the places you wish to travel, just your 2020 goals, or maybe even just a mix of all the places you wish to go.

As you will see towards the end, mine is just a mix of all the places I want to go. No specific images, but pretty pictures and vibes from different parts of the world shine through!


  1. First you’ll want to go through all your magazines. Look for whatever you are wanting! Maybe it’s water, maybe it’s letters, anything you want.
  2. Start cutting out pages, tearing things, and get a pile of what you want to go on your poster board.
  3. Then examine the pile. Do you have lots of water? Does it look like what you’re wanting? Maybe you need some more? Maybe you need less…
  4. Then plan! Lay out the pieces on the poster board where you think you might want them. Play around with different sizes and overlapping pieces to create a 3D look.
  5. Finally tape or glue! Once you have it just how you like I recommend taking a picture of it and then start to remove the pieces and start gluing.

Then you have created a dream travel board !!!

I hope you enjoyed this “how to” blog! If you make a travel/mood board be sure to take a picture and share it on Instagram and use the hashtag #thelifeofkagie and/or tag me @thelifeofkagie so I can see it!

I know this blog was a little different then what I normally do but I thought it would be fun to share! If you have any other requests for future blogs you wish to see, comment on this post, email me at or message me on Instagram at @thelifeofkagie




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