Rosie… plus 6

Happy Friday! It’s KaGie just popping in to say Rosie took control of the blog today and we get to read a story from her POV of moving in to a new house with 6 animals already living there. Yep… you read that right. We have 2 dogs (including Rosie), 3 cats, a turtle and a chinchilla. Lets see how well it went when Rosie became the 2nd dog to our furry family

Woof Woof! Hi everyone! I’m here to let you know what its really like joining a big family with lots of other animals some like me… some I’m still trying to figure out…

Luna – She’s my best friend. From the moment I came into this new house (which is so great nobody ever leaves here and I get all the attention!), Luna has been my friend. Sometimes she growls though, which really makes no sense because I am on the other side of the deck when she does it. So I just continue to roll on my back and play with my toys. Luna has taught me so much like, how to jump off the bed (sometimes I get scared and forget I can do it so I let mom pick me up and put me on the ground), how to dog in the mud (which is my favorite I mean come on mud is great), how to play tug of war, and so many more things. She’s great!

Me after digging in the mud – mom got mad

Now for those cats…

Bisco – This ones funny! He lays down all the time and eats a lot. But he shares his cat food with me, after he walks away from his bowl he leaves just enough for me to eat. How sweet. He also is kinda smart. Mom was making me ring some bell thing and the next thing I know Bisco rings MY potty bell to go outside. Mom never lets him out I don’t know why.

Missy – Hmmm… This one makes lots of weird noises, like growling and hissing. I don’t even get near it but it sees me and screams. I don’t think this one likes me. But I am determined to win it over, so I always get in pounce position to let it know I want to play (it never plays…)

Snuggles – I like this one! I chase her and she runs, we love playing tag together. I don’t know why but she never wants to chase me, so I always have to chase her (one day she’ll chase me so I don’t have to do all the work)


Skittles/Buddy – Mom and sissy keep saying things like “chinchilla” and “turtle” but I don’t know what those words mean.. I’m still trying to figure those out. I’ll let you know when I do.

Thats all! I got mostly a warm welcomes when coming into my new home and I can’t wait for the adventures to come with all my new brothers and sisters! Hope you have a pawwfect day!


– KaGie & Rosie♥

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